Increased fertility in women with Vaping

“I have PCOS and I want a child” – these words go through the letters of subscribers who turn to me for help. I promised to make a translation of one foreign material for a long time, and finally my hands came up and I present you with recommendations on nutrition, as well as a scheme for increasing fertility in women with PCOS , who want to regain health, restore ovulation, conceive and give birth to a child.
Doctors in women’s consultations do not know about this scheme. Hormones, clomid, can operation. That’s all that modern medicine offers. If all this helped our children to be born, there might not be so many unfortunate and desperate women who want to become pregnant, but who do not have this opportunity because of untreated PCOS.
In this sense, Americans are more fortunate. They are officially allowed to practice naturopathy, herbalistics, holistic medicine. They have it all developed better, and every woman can choose whom to go to – to a traditional doctor or to a doctor of holistic medicine.
Let me introduce to you the author of the methods of natural healing, the holistic doctor and herbalist – Haeter Rodriguez. Her website Natural Fertility Info was for me the discovery of 2014. Many of her recommendations helped me solve my problems after an ectopic pregnancy.
Hatir specializes in raising women’s fertility, and this is her “horse”. The popularity of her site and the number of grateful reviews speak for themselves.
In her article “How to Reduce the Damaging Effects of PCOS on Fertility Through Diet and Herbs,” she shares her recommendations on nutrition and natural remedies that every woman can use to improve her condition with PCOS and improve fertility. Below I quote an adapted excerpt from this article with my notes and additions.

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