If you decide to get in charge of your own fitness, then all you need is stone determination and just the right fitness plan! Following are some of the basic exercises and methods you should apply to start on your mission of acquiring the ultimate physically fit body!

Primary Exercises
Primary exercises are a very nice way, to begin with. These will help you get gains and progression in these will be measured based on your performance on a daily basis. It is advisable that you first do a deep analysis of your body and physique and then choose wisely for yourself those exercises that suit you the best. It is also recommended that you use a combination of a few primary exercises for the entire body rather than making it all complicated by thrusting several exercises upon yourself at such initial stage of the program.

Secondary Exercises
These are those exercises which help you stretch and develop a flexibility once you are done with the primary level. These exercises are the ones most enjoyable. These require a variance in their selection and you need to do a lot of them in one schedule in order to make your body stretch to the maximum lengths. These include all those exercises which include abdominal work and even those which require you to stand on one leg and the stretch the other one. Their basic purpose is to make your body flexible and offer a muscle endurance workout. These provide support to your primary exercises.

Tertiary Exercises
These exercises are the ones ha are performed between the sets of the secondary exercises. These too are important components of your fitness and workout plan giving you time to relax for a bit but not stop altogether.

Cardio Exercises
These exercises are very important to keep you fit. These are not very strenuous but are of rather meditative nature and are believed to be very good for a sound mind. These could include running on a treadmill or jogging on a track. Every individual is recommended to make these a part of their daily routine as they make sure that the chance of you falling prey to different disease gets minimized.