E-cig: vaping creates a chemical compound harmful to health

A new chemical substance, the PG aldehyde acetal , which is formed when e-cigarettes are smoked. The news comes from a study by Duke University in the United States. Returning to the dock is once again the fruit-flavored liquids or sweets that are so popular with lovers of “vaping”. The chemical additives react to the main liquid creating a new compound that can trigger inflammation and irritation once inhaled.

The results of the study

The results show that when the vanilla, cherry, citrus and cinnamon-flavored chemicals mix with the solvents, they create a chemical compound with glycol propylene, glycerine and when there is nicotine . “These ingredients that mix together form more complex chemical compounds that remain in the body for a period of time, activating irritation. In the long run, irritation becomes inflammation, “explains Sven-Eric Jordt , first author of the study.

Previous research had already alerted e-cig smokers, because it showed how dangerous formaldehyde is formed at high temperatures. However, electronic cigarette companies had explained that e-cig smoking temperatures are generally low.

In this case, instead, high temperatures are not needed to form these harmful chemical compounds in the long term. On the contrary, they explain the need for combustion from the United States to “create” the acetal of aldehyde PG.

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